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Papa Stour is a hidden gem. From its varied and fascinating history, to the rugged beauty of the sea caves and beaches, to the crofters still living and working on the island, there is much to explore and discover! Use the drop down menus above to find out more. We look forward to welcoming you!

Photo  Tommy Jamieson

Papa Stour; a small island off the west coast of Shetland. 

Thank you for visiting the Papa Stour History and Community Group's website, we hope your being here means you'd like to learn more about the wonderful island of Papa Stour, it's history and people. Or maybe you're even thinking of visiting! We would love to welcome you so please do take a look around and if you have any questions, you can contact us through our Facebook page. Our short video gives an insight into life on Papa but to truly experience it, you need to come see it for yourself! 

To stay up to date on all news Papa Stour and our progression on the restoration of the Kirk, please follow us over on Faceook or if you would like to know more about any of our work, please get in touch via email. 

Who are the Papa Stour History and Community Group? 

The Shetland island of Papa Stour has been experiencing significant depopulation over the last forty years, and the Papa Stour History and Community Group (SCIO) (PSHCG) was formed and constituted as a registered charity, to support and enhance all aspects of island life. Group members are resident islanders, local crofters and homeowners, and people with familial and social connections. There are eight trustees, and more than 40 members and 'Friends of Papa Stour'. 

Read our full story here

Charity Cards for sale

Local artists generously gave permission for the Papa Stour History and Community Group to use their island inspired paintings to produce a unique, stunning set of six cards, sold in aid of the Papa Kirk Development project. The group exists to enhance and support all aspects of life on Papa Stour, and the Kirk project will be a focus for island renewal initiatives preventing depopulation and keeping Papa viable. 

£7.50 set, plus postage if applicable. Contact us on

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