For many years Papa Stour has been a place where Christians of different denominations have come on retreat or as part of a personal pilgrimage.  

They have come on their own, in small groups, young and older age groups, or on parish days. 

They have come for the day, weekend or weeks. 

The retreats have been organised and led, (by the people who choose to come) or silent and seeking. 

Papa Stour, with its early Celtic Christian heritage is a ‘thin’ place, and those who seek, find.  

In his programme ‘Scotland’s Sacred Islands’ Ben Fogle visited Papa to experience its grace-filled spiritual atmosphere for himself. 

It is hoped that once the Covid situation improves, Papa Stour will continue to develop this aspect of island life, particularly when the Kirk Development Project is up and running.  

Papa is also represented on a Shetland Pilgrimage Group, which hopes to co-ordinate all aspects of pilgrimage in Shetland. 

If you would like to come to Papa and need help organising or for more information about pilgrimage and retreats, contact Hilde Bardell

Papa Stour Advent Retreat Day, 5th December 2018