Papa Stour is located to the west of the Shetland mainland and is the 8th largest of the Shetland isles. The only transport to the island is via ferry, the MV Snolda. There used to be a flight once per week, however, that ceased to operate in May 2020.

The ferry departs from West Burrafirth ferry terminal at the following times:

(Please check the website for the latest timetables as changes may occur.)

Wednesday: 09:00 & 15:00


Friday/Saturday: 09:00 & 18:10


Sunday: 18:00


Some public transport is available to West Burrafirth, for more information from ZetTrans click here. A community taxi also operates, call 01595 745745 to book.

Once you arrive on Papa Stour, there is a Waiting Room at the pier where you can use the facilities and grab yourself a cuppa!